Bread Fruit Leaves

Bread Fruit Leaves

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I recently learned all of the wonderful benefits of breadfruit/Pana and the leaves of the tree pack a serious list of benefits. I have started to take the leaves and brew them myself. If you would like to have some leaves sent to you they can be purchased here. They can either be sent fresh, still green, dried and broken up or dried and whole. Keep in mind they will be sent in a poly mailer so there is a chance that you might have broken leaves either way. IF you order the leaves dried please allow for a few days to dry. As it rains all the time in Puerto Rico. The leaves need several hours to dry in the direct sun. 

 Please take the time to research this wonderful plant.

Please note that the size of the leaves will very.

The leaves will be picked fresh from the tree once ordered and shipped to you.


How I prepare my tea. I place one teaspoon of dried leaves in my tea tumbler with raw honey to sweeten and a dash of Ceylon cinnamon and allow my tea to steep in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. The tea smells a little like spinach but tastes like a normal tea.